Nan & Pop Can Cook Code Too

Could you write a recipe for someone to cook a cake? Then you can program!! A program is just a recipe that a computer follows.

Our kids today grow up immersed in technology, but how well do they connect with their grandparents in this aspect of their lives?

connecting generations

Primary school kids are taught simplified coding using Scratch. There are several reasons why its beneficial for kids to learn to code. Its not just learning about computers. It develops critical thinking and cognitive skills and perseverance in problem solving…

For the elderly, mental stimulation is important. Its been discovered that learning a second language delays the onset of dementia. Learning a programming language may build neural pathways in a similar way.
The most benefit comes from novel experiences, and what can be more novel than exploring and experimenting with a new domain like coding.

So what is the opportunity to keep the mind fresh and sharp while engaging their grand kids on programming projects?

My kids attend St Brigid’s Primary School in Collie, Western Australia. Here I am running a pilot project “Nan & Pop Can Cook Code Too”. A short course with a few mid-week introduction sessions to get an introduction to Scratch without kids, followed by a collaborative project day bringing kids and grandparents together to work on a project coding whatever takes their fancy.

Let me know what possibilities can you see in this for your family?
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